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I am proud to say welcome to the new members of the Team Meidl Hall of Fame as we have again won the City Championship.  The picture will be available soon.

Congratulations - well done - Jim & Jan

There is a reason why some people are know as winners and other are not.  A great gut it out - tie breaker win by Alex & Jim Gormley along with solid wins at 1 & 2 mixed has us back in the Finals again.

Make room for that plate (size to be deturmined) - Details of the finals to be covered in an email later in the week.  For now - enjoy!!

Bag Tags - as if you expected any thing else.  Now, for the most important "Plate Match".

Please mark you clocks for a 9:00 start time for the Men's and Women's doubles and most likely at 10:00 start time for 1 & 2 mixed.  The mixed time is still subject to the other captain's agreement. We need all the support we can get this comming Saturday.  We work all season for the home court advantage in this super important match and a lot of that is fan support.  Do your part, make the effort to come and cheer those playing on.

A HUGE change in standings took place this week as we now find oursevles 4 ahead and we play the last place team.  If we take 4 and Ben Hill loses 1 next week we are champs.  That will be our Goal so the last week can be for fun.  Great job - all close matches and playoff like intensity.

A late season welcome to our latest addition Leslie Lindsay from Brookfield Country Club's A2 Adult Mixed team and a real nice mid court player.  She will provide some nice additional punch to our mixed lineup.

Solo First - This is more familar territory.  A very nice debut performance from Alex Weaver (our most recient addition) and nice striaght foreard wins for out other 3 positions.  A very comfortable "watch" from the captains point of view.  Still two pretty tough teams left the next two weeks and the playoff race should be over.  Then it will only be if we want a bag tag or not. I should let you know that the team we played in last year's B3 city final is also in first place in their division, so we may want to push a little harder to finish in first as to have an easier semi final playoff opponant.

Now tht is more like it - Back tied for first.  Solid wins by the men Jim & Neil and the Candlers gave us the early lead.  Close, hard fought victories by D & D and Tim & Susie made for strong statement and seperation of Us & Ben hill from the pack.  Good Job - the next two weeks are critical as Ben Hill playse Metlock Bridge and then we do.  At that point, with 3 weeks still left, it will be a two or three team race..

Week one showed strength at Men's and Women's, but strong competition at the mixed spots.  Please check availability and let me know - so far no one has "X"ed out for any matches, That is great but un-realistic.  Lets have a good turnout for our first home match.


A special welcome to the new additions to this years team - definitely some thoroughbreds.

Robin Ferrara
Teammate of Debbie & Deanna and a nice add to our Mixed pairs.

Neil Fletcher
BCC member, my neighbor and member of the USTA Sr 3.0 - 2002 State Champs, the USTA Sr 3.5 - 2002 City Champs, and the ALTA B3 - 2002 Sr Men's City Champs

Bob Manthey
My partner last Sr ALTA season and member of the ALTA A4 - 2002 Adult Mixed City Champs, the ALTA B3 - 2002 Sr Men's City Champs, and the ALTA B5 - 2002 Fall Adult Men's City Champs.

Please check the Availability postings and e-mail your situation as soon as possible.  If we have a problem,  I have a couple of possible additions waiting, but right know under normal attendance patterns, we have the right number.

Note: The "Plate Match" will be Saturday February 22 at 9:00am (special earlier time) and that "City Finals" are Saturday March 1st also at 9:00 (special earlier time) at Blackburn Tennis Center.