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  Relax, prop those feet back, crack a smile  and enjoy the fact that you are CITY CHAMPS! The ones with the
Big Plates and the two bag tags.  Recaping - The "Jim's or G-Men as Tim prefers to call them had a terrific first set - nip and tuck.  In a critical game with them serving 4-5 we made that poor guy serve forever.  He eventually won, but had to pay a big price for that 1 game.  When we won the first set tie breaker then were not in shape to go three and got  6-2 in the second set.  The "Girls" played there hearts out forever.  Winning 6-4 then just getting no luck at all in the second set tie breaker 6-7.  We just hung in there until finally at 1-4 in the third set tie breaker "We had them right where we wanted them"  They seemed to think they had it won and we stole the candy right away.  Finally in one of their best performances of the season Tim and Susie won a close first set 7-5 and got up 4-1 in the second.  The line calls became a bit iffy. Which only inspired us to  put it on them and clinch the title at 6-4.  Special mention to the semi-final heros Rick and Debby Eaton who I can assure every one of you would have handily disposed of their captain  had it become necessary.  It was not, and everyone cheered for days. 

City Finals here we come!!!  The "Jim's" played one of their best matches in some time and won easily 6-0, 6-2 for a great start and the special mention of first off the court with a win.  In one of the longest 6-0, 6-0 wins I have ever seen, Debbie and Deanna redefined the words steady and patience for a terific win.  Tim & Susie played hard but lost 2-6, 4-6.  Rick and Debbie Eaton were on the court for almost their whole match and performed great for a 6-2, 6-4 convincing win. 

One down 2 to go - We have officially won the "Bag Tag" - next we play for a plate.  We will be home - opponant not yet deturnined.  As soon as I know I'll pass it on.  Line up posted pending co-cordinator approval.  Thanks to everyone - great job - we have put ourselves in position to make a good run at the title. 

Normalicy has returned as we again went 4-0 and moved ever closer to the "Bag Tag".  Thsi Saturday is our last home match - Everyone who can is encouraged to participate.  Our "Majic" number is 3 to win first out right and only 1 to clinch a playoff spot.  We just need to focus on getting our 3 and moving on into the playoffs.

I swear I am back at the B7 city finals - We go in at 35-1 and lose 3-1 to the same team we beat the next year without losing a set.  You got to be ready every week.  Thank goodness for a great job by Del & Elsa Larson in 2nd mixed and a fourth straight smear by the "Double D's" in women's doubles.  We are still in first and as long as we can regain our prior "fear of losing" next week at Ben Hill we should be fine.  Rest well this week and lets go get them next Saturday.

Close but still a cigar at 12-0.  The three easy points only lost a total of 4 games.  The real squeaker load 16 games BUT still won.  Special congratulations goes to Susie (the brain) Davis for some great "hang in there" points and some good strategy adjustments.  See you all at the park this Saturday for a good match against Saddle Creek. 

Win, Win, Win, Win and you get 8-0.  I finally had a chance to watch today and we looked strong.  Against what had to be the best men's team we will face this season, the Jim's (the "G" men, not yours truly) won a hard fought 3 setter.  The rest were just good exercise.  The are better teams awaiting but that men's win was special.  Away to Chastain Park and more adventure.  Line ups are posted and again call between 8 & 8:30.

Good start 4-0.  When you think you played bad, you are never that bad, and when you think you played good you are not that good either.  We dominated where I expected us to and we won the closer match ups.  Everyone on the team has shown the ability to "Win Ugly" and pull out the close ones.  That is what makes winners.  Good Job - Good start - too early to start finding a new plate place on the mantle. 

A special welcome to everyone as we for this new team. 

Please check the Standings for the schedule of matches and Availability to indicate when people are available.  Email me of any changes that need to be made.