Sr. USTA - Fall 2002 - 3.5

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Captain's Information and News Updates
Jim Meidl   770 992-7227 (home)   770-992-8255 (work)

There is a new King of the court in Sr USTA 3.5 - Make room for Roswell Park.  If I would have know thats what it took, I would have moved the team back to the RAP a year ago.  Some well played tennis - nice balance of tallent - some luck - some help from the other captains unknowingly helping us out with matchups - and boom - We make history.  I believe we are the first City 3.5 champs other than Ashford, Hanarry, or River Station in over 5 years.  A new Dynasty is being born and you all are part of it.

Enjoy for now - I'll notify everyone of the State dates soon.

Semi-Finals  -  Nov 23 - Probably at River Station.
We won 2-1, thus qualifing for the semi finals.  A Win this next Saturday qualifies us for the State Tournament in May.  The City finals are Sunday Nov 24th at 10:00 am - not 2:30 pm.

A special welcome to the new additions to this seasons team.

Jim Gordon and Brian Bradley have also joined the team.  They could be our best two players.  Quite a nice recruiting class.

Neil Fletcher
The "horse" of the 3.0 State Champ and an undefeated member on our Senior ALTA B3 City Champs as well as a solid #1 at BCC and MY Neighbor.

Please check the Availability postings and e-mail your situation as soon as possible.  If we have a problem,  I have a couple of possible additions waiting, but right now under normal attendance paterns, we have the right number.