Roswell Park - ALTA Sr B5

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Jim Meidl   770 992-7227 (home)   770-992-8255 (work)

20-4 Majic number is reduced to 2.  Still in First but a bit of a reality check.  We got to be ready for hard battles each week.  It is time to put on the playoff face.


18-2 and well on our way.  Scores are updated thru July 6th.  Check your calendars for playoff availability.


Well, the troops come thru in great "winner" fashion for a nice hard fought 4-0 win.  There is only 1 team left with a chance to over take us and we play them this week June 29.  Again please check the line up for positions and availability.  The Standings, Matchups, and Availability have been Updated as of 06/23 am.


Lose our first point and "Fall" into first place by our selves!!!  A lot of weekly result variation is who is available.  Please always keep me up todate with the ever changing status of who can play and who is out.  Sill looks to me like this next match will go a long way in deturmining the Bag Tag winners.  The Standings Updated as of 06/17 am.

2 Matches were partial rain outs, so scores were slow comming in.  I expect the "Bag Tag Match" (battle for first place) will be this Friday, June 22.  Kind of early in the season, but as it looks right now - this very well could be it.  The Standings, Matchups, and Availability have been Updated as of 06/16 am.


We got B5 which will be good.  We are division 2 of 3 which means the 2 out of 3 best 3rd place teams make the playoffs.  As division #2 we will only have to play one #1 to get to finals even if we finish 2nd.  We are home 3 and away 4 (saves money) and all away are near by Brookfield area. 

A special welcome to the new additions to this years team.
Tom Flynn
From Wildwood Springs Subdivision via Brookfield Country Club.  Under 50 and a steady #2 position player on our club team.
Tim Hales
From Glastenberry Subdivision.  The best player on the 2000 Blackburn Sr 3.0 State Finalists and undefeated at the 2000 sectionals..
Geordie Tregre
From Wildwood Springs Subdivision.  A "3 Peat" member of the Roswell Park Sr 3.0 State Champs.

Please check the Availability postings and e-mail your situation as soon as possible.  If we have a problem,  I have a couple of possible additions waiting, but right know under normal attendance paterns, we have the right number.